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The C++ script usage example

In this example C++ scripting support is embedded into the Scribble program. Scribble is a teaching example from standard Microsoft VisualStudio distributive. It lets to draw by mouse cursor in it's client window.

Let's try to write a simple script that will draw a star.
We have to include the header file scribbleapi.h that contains BeginStroke(void) (begin uninterrupted line), AddPoint(unsigned x, unsigned y) (add a polygon apex) and EndStroke(void) (end uninterrupted line) functions declared.
Star is a closed polyline. Accordingly, to draw it we need:
- to begin uninterrupted line (BeginStroke())
- to point contour apexes (they are pointed in the iteration. The first point concurs with last one)
- to finish uninterrupted line (EndStroke()).
This example compiling gives the file.

To execute this script it's needed to choose corresponding menu item and show the file that contains the compiled script.

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