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The Interstron Company was found in the march 2000. It based on group of specialists united under the name "MediaLingua: Compilers" which in the 1998-2000 was working on development of the high-performance instrumental systems for integrated microelectronics developers. The Interstron Company kept on his direction of the work. The successful projects of the Interstron cover the row of directions:

  • 2 complete C/C++ Compilers for 32-bits processors was developed on the base of the own Front End Compiler;
  • The complete development package for 32-bits Risc-processor including integrated development environment, debugger, C/C++ Compiler, assembler and linker was developed;
  • The C++ UML Viewer was developed;
  • The C++ Virtual Machine was developed;
  • The Intermediate Representation Linker was developed.

The Interstron Company takes part in the works that the Ministry of Defense carries out in the information protection area and it has all necessary licenses for working in the information protection field.

At this moment our research-and-production activity is mainly directed to making of:

  • Development tools for C/C++ Programming Language;
  • Compete C++ compilers for variety of machines and operating systems;
  • Tools for static analyzing of the C/C++ source code for variety of machines;
  • Complete development packages for new processors cooperating with processors manufacturers to make the high-performance tools that let to use all architecture features.


In the middle of 70-ies already, long before the foundation of our company, some of its future employees worked at the development of various compilers. A compiler developer typically started his career in a defense research center.

Later in the 90-ies most of our future specialists joined either MSU Research Computing Center or the Compiler Department of Phyton, Inc.

MSU Research Computing Center ( is a research institute under Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia;
Moscow University, established in 1775, is by right regarded the oldest Russian university. Now more than 31 thousand undergraduates and about 7 thousand postgraduates are taught, and over 5 thousand specialists do the refresher course at Moscow University. The faculties and research institutes engage 4 thousand professors and tutors and about 5 thousand researchers. The enormous scientific potential, unique possibilities for inter-disciplinary research enables the University scientists to focus their efforts on priority and pioneering projects, including mathematics and computing and other high technologies.

Phyton, Inc., Microsystems and Development Tools (Brooklyn, N.Y., USA;
Phyton has 15+ years experience in designing and supplying high-performance development tools for embedded microcontrollers used by electronic engineers and programmers in the industrial control, communications, computer, consumer electronic industries. Phyton's development tools support the 8- and 16-bit embedded microcontrollers of semiconductor industry leaders.
In 1998 these groups of specialists united under the name "MediaLingua:Compilers".

Since 2000 our company is named "Interstron".

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